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Dangerous Driving and Careless Driving Offence

Dangerous driving, careless driving and driving without reasonable consideration all vary in degrees of seriousness.  They all carry potential qualifications, but dangerous driving carries a mandatory disqualification.


Careless driving is the offence of driving in a public place without due care and attention. Dangerous driving is driving dangerously in a public place. The categorisation of the offence will depend on the circumstances of the case.


What are the penalties for dangerous and careless driving?

  • A two-year licence disqualification for the first offence; and a four-year license disqualification for the second or subsequent offence within three years;
  • Careless driving without causing any bodily harm: €5,000 maximum fine and 4 penalty points;
  • Careless driving causing death or bodily harm: €10,000 maximum fine and two-year imprisonment;
  • Dangerous driving with or without causing any harm: €5,000 maximum fine and up to six-month imprisonment;
  • Dangerous driving resulting in bodily harm and/or death: €20,000 maximum fine and up to 10 years imprisonment.


Accumulation of 12 penalty points on your driving licence will result in disqualification from driving.