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We all interact with Medical Professionals on many occasions throughout our lifetimes. In most instances, the results are positive, and we receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, however, that is not always the case. Errors sometimes occur, and these can have serious consequences. That is when sound legal advice can be of great assistance.

At Staunton Caulfield & Co., Solicitors, a firm serving the community since 1905, we have the experience and expertise to deal effectively with all instances of medical negligence. These can occur in various ways, such as during medical care in pregnancy and childbirth, surgical procedures or general diagnosis and treatment. Financial compensation can go a long way in funding corrective or ongoing care, improving quality of life and providing comfort and redress.

If you feel you have suffered due to medical negligence or mistreatment, please contact us to arrange a consultation. We will be happy to assess your case and advise how best to proceed to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

It is usually necessary to obtain a report from an Independent Medical Expert as to the standard of care you received. We can identify an Expert to provide such a Report for you. If the Report is supportive of your claim, we can then take the necessary action to ensure you are properly compensated for any wrongdoing. We have successfully handled many types of medical negligence cases and will be pleased to look after your interests in a caring, efficient and professional way.

If, therefore, you have a concern about any medical care you have received (or feel you should have but did not receive), please contact us straight away to arrange a consultation.

Contact us by phone at 094 9620008 or email at to book a consultation.

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